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Bannon calls far right 'clowns,' says enemies are 'wetting themselves,' in rare interview 
White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon opened up in a rare interview published Wednesday by a left-leaning magazine, dismissing some of his enemies in Washington while calling the far-right elements of the Republican party “a collection of clowns.”

Thousands march in Charlottesville against racism and violence 
Declaring their resolve to “take back the lawn,” students and faculty descended by the thousands on the University of Virginia campus as night fell Wednesday. Holding candles, laughing and singing softly, they retraced the steps taken less than a week ...

Pence won't address Trump comments but condemns supremacists 
Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday skirted questions about President Donald Trump's comments voicing sympathy for Charlottesville protesters, but said he stands with the president nonetheless. Pence wouldn't say during a press conference in Chile ...

Trump Dissolves Business Advisory Councils as CEOs Quit 
President Donald Trump dissolved two of his economic advisory councils Wednesday after a rash of CEOs resigned in the wake of his response to a white nationalist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, that occurred Saturday. "Rather than putting pressure on ...

Hundreds hold candlelight vigil at UVA in Charlottesville 
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Hundreds of people gathered on the University of Virginia campus for a peaceful candlelight vigil against hate and violence days after Charlottesville erupted in chaos during a white nationalist rally. Marchers Wednesday covered the ...

South Korea looks to jump-start diplomacy in North Korea standoff 
In an effort to jump-start diplomacy, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that he would consider sending a special envoy to North Korea for talks if the North stops its missile and nuclear tests. He also declared, amid fears in South Korea ...

Hundreds March Through University of Virginia to Protest Hate Groups 
Carrying lit candles and singing songs of peace, hundreds of people massed on the University of Virginia campus on Wednesday night in a resounding rebuke of the white nationalist violence that rocked Charlottesville last weekend. Live footage from the ...

A Divided Country Is Exactly What Trump Wants 
WASHINGTON — Let’s be clear about what President Donald Trump was up to Tuesday during his press conference in Trump Tower, and what his longer-range plan is for surviving, if not prospering, in the White House for at least four years. Speaking ...

After the Hobby Lobby scandal, a spotlight on antiquities sales in Israel 
JERUSALEM (RNS) — The arrest of five antiquities dealers who allegedly helped Hobby Lobby purchase illegally obtained ancient artifacts has shone a spotlight on the sale of antiquities in Israel and revived questions about the ethics of the trade in general.

Was high school football star wrongly convicted of child molestation? Lawyer pushes for new trial 
A onetime Texas high school football star, who was sentenced to 25 years behind bars without the possibility of parole for sexually assaulting a child, could soon get a new trial. Four years ago, Greg Kelley, then 18, was arrested on a charge of sexual ...

Powerball jackpot hits $430 million for tonight's drawing 
If you’re feeling lucky, you may want to snag a Powerball ticket. Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is now $430 million with a cash value of $273.4 million, after Saturday’s drawing failed to yield a winner. Continue Reading Below The drawing will happened ...

Heather Heyer's Mom Tells White Supremacists: 'You Just Magnified Her' 
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. ― “Gone but not forgotten,” read a sign above Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater Wednesday, as hundreds gathered to pay homage to Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old killed over the weekend during a violent rally in the city.

No Powerball winner, jackpot now grows to $510 million 
The numbers for the $432.5 million Powerball jackpot were drawn Wednesday night -- but there was no winning ticket, The next drawing is Saturday, with an estimated jackpot of $510 million. The numbers drawn were 9, 15, 43, 60, 64. The Powerball was 4.

One of four defendants in 2014 beating death of USC grad student sentenced to life without parole 
One of four defendants found guilty of fatally pummeling a Chinese graduate student at USC during a robbery in 2014 was sentenced to life in prison without parole Wednesday. Andrew Garcia, 21, was convicted in June of first-degree murder in the death of ...

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