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5 things you need to know Friday 
Dozens of world leaders and diplomats including President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and French President François Hollande are attending the funeral Friday of Israeli statesman Shimon Peres.

Trump Foundation reportedly doesn't have proper paperwork to solicit money 
Donald Trump’s foundation reportedly never obtained proper certification that the state of New York requires before charities can ask for money from the public. The Washington Post reported Thursday that the Trump Foundation didn’t obtain registration ...

World leaders gather for funeral of former Israeli PM Peres 
Jerusalem (CNN)The body of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres will be laid to rest Friday in a funeral attended by world leaders flanked by heavy security. Peres' casket will be carried from the Knesset -- the Israeli parliament of which he was a ...

Get Ready For The Most Expensive Senate Races Of All Time 
WASHINGTON ― Two of the most important elections for determining which party will control the upper chamber of Congress are well on pace to cost more than $100 million each. The Pennsylvania contest between incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey (R) and former ...

How Democrats Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Big Donor Money 
Democrats denounced it as an assault on democracy and a sop to billionaires when the Supreme Court issued a ruling two years ago that loosened limits on campaign giving. But Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party leaders are now exploiting the decision ...

Protests over police shooting near San Diego grow more violent 
Demonstrators block traffic on September 29, 2016, third night in row of protests over fatal shooting by El Cajon, California police of unarmed black man EL CAJON, Calif.-- Angry protests flared for the third straight night Thursday after a family attorney ...

Why is Gary Johnson still in the race? 
Washington (CNN)Gary Johnson is the new punching bag of the 2016 campaign. The Libertarian presidential candidate is the subject of intensifying ridicule following his latest televised flub when he couldn't name a world leader he admired during a Wednesday ...

Tennessee school counselor talks student with gun out of shooting 
A Tennessee school counselor is being called a hero Thursday after convincing a teenager to handing over a loaded handgun. A 14-year-old boy went to Sycamore Middle School on Wednesday asking to speak with counselor Molly Hudgens, according to WKRN-TV.

Stolen Van Gogh Paintings Found by Italy Anti-Mafia Police 
Two Vincent Van Gogh paintings have been recovered by police in Italy 14 years after being stolen, officials said Friday. Police in Naples said the works — described as being of "priceless value" — were discovered during a crackdown against the Naples ...

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte compares himself to Hitler 
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte gestures during September 30, 2016 news conference MANILA, Philippines --Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte raised the rhetoric over his bloody anti-crime war to a new level Friday, comparing it to Hitler and the ...

Court strikes down N.H. law criminalizing voting booth selfies 
New Hampshire residents can take a deep sigh of relief: snapping selfies in the voting booth is no longer illegal. A federal appeals court struck down a 2014 state law criminalizing Granite State voters who take photos inside the voting booth. The court's ...

Megyn Kelly Tells Team Trump To 'Just Shut Up' Already About Women's Weight 
Fox News host Megyn Kelly has followed up a fiery interview with Donald Trump’s campaign manager to flay the GOP candidate’s team for continuing to defend degrading comments he’s made about women. “Why don’t they just shut up about the women and ...

There's a small chance the Tigers will have by far the craziest postseason schedule ever 
OK, so check this out: The Indians-Tigers game set for Thursday at Comerica Park in Detroit was rained out and will be played on Monday if it is necessary to determine either the Tigers’ Wild Card fate or the Indians’ home-field advantage status for ...

17 Photos Of Team USA Athletes (And Fans!) Having A Blast At The Team USA Awards 
After their record-setting and history-making performances at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the athletes of Team USA were honored at the Team USA Awards presented by Dow, Best of the Games ceremony in Washington, D.C. Athletes received their ...

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